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16 of the Happiest Grooms You’ve Ever Seen

It’s that moment every couple waits for – when the groom sees the love of his life and realizes that this day is really happening! It’s a moment you can’t recreate with poses; just a genuine, heartfelt reaction with only a few seconds to capture.

Here are 16 grinning grooms that are sure to make your day a little brighter.

16) This groom from Swanton, Ohio who is beyond excited.


HappyGrooms22 15) This groom from Dunedin, Florida who absolutely adores his girl.


14) This groom from Orlando, Florida who just got the first glimpse of his bride.


13) This groom from Orlando, Florida who looks like he just saw an angel.

HappyGrooms05 HappyGrooms06

12) This groom from Wyandotte, Michigan who just can’t stop beaming.


11) This groom who couldn’t fake being this happy even if he wanted to!


10) This groom who is just trying to take in all of his bride’s beauty.


9) This groom from Detroit, Michigan who can’t believe he gets to be the one to marry her.

HappyGrooms24 HappyGrooms25

8) This groom whose reaction is just the cutest.


7) This groom from St. Petersburg, Florida who very much approves of what he sees!

HappyGrooms20 HappyGrooms21

6) This groom who can’t hide his grin or his smiling eyes!


5) This groom who is definitely cheesin’ at his soon-to-be wife.


4) This groom who must have been the happiest man in the entire world on his wedding day.

HappyGrooms03 HappyGrooms04

3) This groom who is not quite sure that his bride understands just how gorgeous she is.

HappyGrooms02 HappyGrooms15 HappyGrooms16

2) This groom who is so in love that we can’t handle it.

HappyGrooms19 HappyGrooms18

1) And finally, this groom from Florida who may just melt your heart a little bit.

HappyGrooms07 HappyGrooms08

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