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What Sets Us Apart?

We know that our clients have choices when it comes to selecting wedding services. Whether you’ve already booked with us or haven’t just yet, we wanted to give you a few reasons that Fairytale Productions is set apart from other companies.

1) We have the best value for high quality.

We never claim to be the cheapest company (after all, you get what you pay for!), but we do continually strive to give you the best value for your investment with us. We know better than anyone that every wedding is unique, and we have constructed packages for all different budgets. Our photography packages range from $1295 to $3495, or you can bundle multiple services for $1290 to $6695!

2) We give you personalized planning help leading up the event.

Booking our services is just the start of our journey with you. As soon as you book, our certified Wedding Coordinator will be with you the whole way up the wedding, making sure that you (and we) each have all of the necessary information to be totally set up for success. Need to make a last-minute change in the schedule? No problem, that’s what he’s there for! At Fairytale Productions, we take care of you from start to finish.


3) We give your photos and videos focused attention in the editing stages.

One of the biggest advantages of booking a medium-sized company like Fairytale Productions is that we have excellent team members to focus on YOU through every stage of your time with us. With a smaller company, it may be difficult to give you focused attention before and after your big day while trying to manage new bookings, post-production weddings, and everything else that can come up in the routine. That’s why we have superb photo and video editors on staff to make sure your products are getting the diligence you deserve after the event.

4) We can customize bundles for your specific needs.

Like we said above – every wedding is unique. Maybe you want 3 photographers and a photo booth, or 2 vidoegraphers and a DJ. Maybe you need the videographer for 9 hours, the photographer for 11 hours, and the DJ for 5. Whatever it is you need, we have a clever arrangement of base packages with plenty of options to add on hours or products. We will always try to get you everything you WANT without paying more than you NEED.


5) We have heart and passion for what we do.

There’s no way to fake it in this business – you either love weddings or you don’t. And we LOVE weddings! We are honored to be part of such a significant moment in your life, and we never take that lightly. We are big enough to have the resources to give you the best service possible without being so large that it becomes an impersonal process. You are never just a number with us. There is care and heart in every aspect of what we do for you and with you.

If you haven’t reserved your date with us just yet, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy planning!