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3 Reasons to Book with an Established Company

Here at Fairytale Productions, we love startups! We are big supporters of small business and individual creativity.

However, when it comes to something as important as your wedding day photography and videography, we wanted to give you a few key things to consider as you make this important investment.

Here are 3 reasons to book with an established Photo & Video company instead of a new, small operation without much history or industry reputation (even if they’re talented!)

1)  Established Trust in Your Full Experience

Like we said, we LOVE it when new talent comes on the scene!  We used to be in their shoes and KNOW the challenges that they will encounter until they figure out how to work out all the kinks.  Been there, done that, and we actually have the t-shirts (they have our logo on them!)  When you book with a company like us, with hundreds of verified online reviews, it gives you confidence that we are delivering quality service and products time after time. With a newer operation, they may be able to offer a lower price, but are they able to promise the same consistency? Have they encountered the same challenges and found ways to overcome them? Do they know how to adjust to your particular day to get the best product for you?

Our proven track record shows that we have developed a system that really works and brings contentment and satisfaction to our clients from start to finish of their experience with us.  Just check out the review we got today (while writing this blog!):

“Our wedding was the absolute happiest day of our lives, and Fairytale Productions did an amazing job at capturing it just the way we saw it through our eyes – like a fairytale. We booked your services for DJ, photobooth, photography and videography and the package deal mad organizing our DIY wedding so much more convenient. All of your staff were professional, prompt, and courteous and our finished photos and video are everything we dreamed of and more!”

~Brittany (Wedding Date: 9/10/2016)

2) Peace of Mind — Even in Emergencies

You’ve heard them!  The terrible stories of friends or family members who hired a photographer or videographer for their big day that didn’t show. It happens more than you know!  (Not with us of course!) Sometimes these companies ran off with their money and they never heard from them again; other times it was an unavoidable circumstance and the client was left with no options because there were no backups in place.  Yet, other times, the photographer or videographer showed up, but after the wedding they LOST the files or the files were corrupted.  NOTE:  We keep 2 Backup copies of your files (besides the one we are editing) – 1 is in our office, but the other is Offsite – just in the case someone decided to “Light the Building on Fire” – Our Point?  Once back in our Studio, your files are SAFE until even after they are delivered to you.

Unfortunately, we have had countless Last Minute phone calls from Brides to Be that had a near miss working with a smaller, unestablished company.  The company either backed out of the wedding at the last minute or were unable to be found!  These were couples that had originally looked into us BEFORE signing with a lower cost, less established company!  We have literally SAVED THE DAY – many times over.  You can have FULL assurance with a company like Fairytale Productions that we will always have high-quality backup Professionals and a Ton of industry support to come through on everything we’re contracted for on your Wedding.  Because when it comes to weddings… we don’t mess around!

3) Assurance of Your Investment and Memories

It’s great to develop a new talent! We would never discourage anyone from honing their craft and improving their skills for any line of work.  But at what cost? Do you really want someone “experimenting” on your Wedding day memories?  What if it doesn’t turn out?  What if they sacrifice Key Moments in order to get a more “creative” shot, and miss their chance at capturing some Once in a Lifetime memories?

“You can get Cheaper Wedding Photos – But then you have to Look at them!”

When it comes to weddings, you don’t get a do-over. The day happens, the moments pass, and whatever photos or footage you have is what you have.  Junk in = Junk out… editing can only help so much.  That’s why we know how to get the best shots and footage AT the wedding, instead of scrambling to try to re-create them in Post.

YES – you can save some money hiring a less established company that has no overhead (or safety net, insurance, backup systems, backup professionals, etc.)

BUT if their consistency in Quality has not been proven after capturing Thousands of weddings, is the risk to the final images / video worth it?

Your photos and video differ from your other wedding-day decisions like your decorations or cake in that you keep them forever and their worth only increases with time. So saving a fraction of the cost if you end up not being totally satisfied with the product has much more of an effect than choosing between two floral arrangements to save a little more.


Use your money, and trust your once-in-a-lifetime memories, with a company that has proven time and time again that they will come through with the level of quality that they promise and who has the portfolio, online reviews, and industry reputation to come through.

Happy planning!