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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Video So Much Sweeter (With Real Video Examples!)

By Kristin Joseph | Sales & Online Media

As you can imagine, we watch a lot of wedding videos doing what we do! Every wedding film is touching and special in its own way as it tells the unique story of that unique bride and groom’s wedding day. But every once in a while, a video comes by that seems to stand out a little, even to strangers who have never met the couple — heartfelt, joyful, and even emotional videos.

Here are 5 things that you can plan into your day to make your wedding video even more beautiful and moving.

1) Write letters to each other the day before your wedding and read them on camera on the wedding day.

This can be done 2 ways: Either the bride and groom can read the letters they wrote to the camera before they exchange them, or the letters can be exchanged first and then they can read the letter from the other person out loud while being filmed. The second option usually results in more emotional moments since they don’t already know what the letter says!

Capturing the feelings you had before you got to see each other on the big day and having them preserved on video for you to re-live is an amazing way to add depth and heartwarming emotion to your wedding film.

Real Wedding Example: Jordan & Michal


2) Exchange gifts.

Wedding planning is busy — but making time to pick out a meaningful gift for one another that you each open while getting ready can be a very special moment. This is a great excuse to surprise your soon-to-be-spouse with a piece of jewelry or honeymoon upgrade that you were having a hard time justifying in the budget.

Real Wedding Example: Luke & Brittany


3) Schedule a little time in your photo shoot just for your Videographer to set up some shots.

The Videographer can get some great footage just from filming in the background of your Photography portrait shoot, but if you can schedule 10 or 15 minutes for the Videographer to choreograph some poses or moments, it can take your video to a new level of quality and sentiment.

Real Wedding Example: Brad & Brittany


4) Schedule a First Look or First Touch.

The moment you first see each other is once in a lifetime. We do recommend a First Look for both Photography and Videography for benefits such as having a more intimate moment with each other and freeing up time before your ceremony to get more creative and artistic shots. However, if its important to you to not see each other until you’re walking down the aisle, then we also recommend a First Touch: meeting around a corner and holding hands to talk with one another, but without looking. If you’re not sure your groom can handle the suspense, you can always blindfold him 😉 This is also a sweet time to pray together for couples of faith.

Real Wedding Example: Joe & Alli


5) Make sure you capture your family’s reactions to seeing you for the first time.

Nothing tugs at the heartstrings quite like a father’s reaction to seeing his little girl all dressed up for her wedding day. The same can also be true for mothers, grandparents, and siblings of course. Capturing this on film is sure to be a moment you’ll treasure for decades to come.

Real Wedding Example: Christina & Shane


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Happy Planning!