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If you're researching wedding videography these days, chances are you've come across the drone hype.  So what is it and why is it the next big thing for wedding videos?   A drone is an "unmanned aerial vehicle" (UAV) which means it can fly high into the air without having a pilot on board. Some drones, like what Amazon is working on for immediate delivery of products, are piloted autonomously by computers on board. For most wedding videographers, though, drones are navigated by a remote control that they use from the ground. Video drones have a very high quality camera on board that captures the landscapes and

Most do not know, but Fairytale Productions NORTH is located close to the Michigan and Ohio border, which means, our wedding services are available in NW Ohio without any travel fees!  That's right Toledo, you can get our award winning cinematic wedding video services, wedding photography, dj services and our premium photo booth rentals at your next event!  We service HUNDREDS of events every year in the Detroit Michigan area, and we always seem to miss the opportunity to enjoy spending time with our Toledo friends.  Let's change all that!  Spread the word that Fairytale Productions is offering a fresh new look in wedding videos