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What is a Drone and why should I want it for my wedding video?!

If you’re researching wedding videography these days, chances are you’ve come across the drone hype.  So what is it and why is it the next big thing for wedding videos?


A drone is an “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) which means it can fly high into the air without having a pilot on board. Some drones, like what Amazon is working on for immediate delivery of products, are piloted autonomously by computers on board. For most wedding videographers, though, drones are navigated by a remote control that they use from the ground. Video drones have a very high quality camera on board that captures the landscapes and can also send the footage in real time back down to earth.

So, why are they the new hot thing for wedding videography?

Drones can offer amazing aerial shots of your wedding city, ceremony site, and venue that were never possible without a pilot before. These shots offer a real “wow factor” to your video. And with the more widespread availability of drone technology, it can be done for a pretty reasonable price.  But be careful, not all companies take the necessary Safety Precautions or follow Area Regulations when flying a drone – which can lead to damage (to your venue or guests) as well as legal action against the company at fault.  At Fairytale Productions you can rest knowing that we have taken the necessary precautions to avoid any of the above situations.

We are happy to say that we have drone options available for Detroit wedding videography, Toledo wedding videography, Orlando wedding videography, Tampa wedding videography, and the west coast of Michigan depending on the date and location.

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We are offering 2 basic categories of drone add-ons: Establishing Footage, and Day-Of Coverage.

Establishing Footage means we will get shots of your venue and the surrounding area to include in your video, so people watching it will be able to see the location and your venue.
Advantages of this option: We can get this footage basically anytime, not just on the wedding day — so there is no time constraint and if the weather is bad, we can get it another time! The Best Part about this option is that we have much more time to get the shots just right, so that only the very best aerial shots make it to your wedding video.  Just know that since we’re not shooting on the wedding day, it would not include drone footage of you (the couple), your wedding party, or your specific ceremony site if it’s outdoors.  This is the most Affordable Option.

Day-Of Coverage means we will come provide up to 4 hours of drone footage on your actual wedding day with a Dedicated Drone Operator! We will capture your ceremony site, entrances and exits when applicable, and take some time during your photo shoot to get some aerial shots of you and your wedding party!
Advantages of this option: It’s live coverage of your day, so you will be in it! The only risk is if the weather does not allow for a drone to be flown on your day. If this happens, don’t worry — we’ll automatically switch you to the Establishing Footage option by coming back another day to get the landscape shots of your venue and area, and we’ll refund you the difference.

Our Ultimate Video Package includes the Day-Of Drone Coverage AND a Love Story (video engagement session) with drone footage as well — so if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, be sure to ask your Sales Rep about this option!

Check out these videos that have drone footage and then talk to your Sales Rep or fill out our Contact Form so we can back to you with pricing and package options!

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