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The Ultimate Wow-Factor for Wedding Videography: The Love Story

By Kristin Joseph | Sales & Online Media

Looking for a way to kick your wedding up a notch without opening a new line of credit? Interested in something that will last longer than one day (a lifetime, in fact)?

The Love Story is the ultimate way to WOW your guests. It’s a short video, usually 4 to 6 minutes, that captures your love as an engaged couple.


Think of it like a Video Engagement Session.

We spend several hours with you, getting some cinematic and romantic shots around your favorite locations. We can include interview-type audio as well, if you’d like to use the video how to explain how met and what made you sure that this person was the one!

You have several options of how to use your Love Story Video:

1) You can include it on your wedding website.

2) You can show it at bridal showers, bachelor & bachelorette parties, or rehearsal dinners.

3) My personal favorite: You can show it on a big screen at your reception before your grand entrance as husband & wife or have it playing in the background for your first dance!


Part of what makes your wedding day so special is for your beloved friends and family to see how far you’ve come as a couple and how happy you make each other. The Love Story video is the perfect way to do that, and unlike the flowers or food, you get to keep it forever.

Here is an example of our latest Love Story, a very visual and cinematic one (like a music video), Mustafa + Rema:


And here is one with more emphasis on how the couple first met and their journey to becoming engaged, Katie & Dustin:


Contact us today for more information about including a Love Story in your wedding video package!

(And we’ll let you in on a little secret: The Love Story will be included in our Ultimate Video Package, which will be released soon! If you follow us closely on Facebook, you might have seen that we are also employing Drone footage to get spectacular one-of-a-kind overhead shots of your ceremony & venue locations!)