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Post-Wedding Portraits: Why They’re a Great Idea

Wedding photography, along with videography, is one of the most important aspects of a wedding day.

Both photography and videography are meant to capture the emotions, details, and memories of the day.

But wedding photography is also meant to produce gorgeous portraits that you can put up in your home, at your desk at work, or include in your photo album for friends & loved ones to “ooh” and “aww” over.

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of a wedding day doesn’t allow for the laid-back feel during the photo shoot that can help achieve the most beautiful portraits you’ll keep and look at for years and years.

On your wedding day, everyone is vying for your attention. There’s a strict timeline to follow, and emotions run high — meaning you may not be able to relax to the fullest for your photographer during your photo shoot time.

A post-wedding photo shoot can be a great solution for any or all of these issues. Booking your photographer for a couple hours soon AFTER the wedding can ensure that you are totally at ease, not rushed, and can be more involved in making sure that you get the poses & shots you’re looking for.

A few other benefits of booking a post-wedding portrait session are:

  • You can make sure the weather is nice.
  • You can change any hair or makeup hiccups from your wedding day.
  • You can travel to more exotic locations that you may not have had time for.
  • You can do a 2nd outfit for a few photos also… See below!

Check out these post-wedding shots from the lovely Diana & Chris in Sarasota, Florida!

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