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3 Benefits of Booking Your Photographer & Videographer Together

It is common practice for modern day couples to book their photographer first of all major services. Many times, the videography is much farther down the list of priorities. We understand photography is one of the things brides and grooms look forward to most, and are most excited to lock in for the day.

However, we recommend booking with a company who can provide both Photo and Video services for your wedding day because of the benefits of the vendors working together.

detroit wedding photographer

Here are 3 of those benefits:

1) Cooperation

Your photographer and videographer working together means that they will be conscious of one another’s shots, and not step in the middle of them or block their lighting. As a company, we always try to be this considerate of other vendors at our events — but sometimes they do not return the kindness. Just a few weeks ago, a photographer from another studio walked directly in front of our videographer and his camera during the bouquet toss. There’s nothing we can do about that now.

Give yourself the best final products by making sure both your photographer and videographer are working together to get YOU the best of each!

detroit wedding videographer

2) Collaboration

Particularly during the photo shoot, your photographer and videographer can help each other out by setting up shots with one another. Sometimes they can even share lighting or other equipment. This goes beyond just being considerate of one another’s space and moves to collaborating for YOUR benefit. Team work between the two can be priceless for your memories!

tampa orlando wedding photographer

3) Communication

During the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, the photographer and videographer can make sure each is on the same page, both with one another and with everyone else involved: the couple, the venue, the officiant, the coordinator, the families, etc. There can be a lot of moving parts to a wedding day but when the photographer and videographer are on the same team, they are always looking out for each other to make sure timing and other details are communicated clearly.

tampa wedding videographer

This isn’t one of the C’s, but just a bonus benefit: if you book both major services with Fairytale Productions, you get a better deal than booking the two separately with us! So do your future memories, and your budget, a favor by booking a Photo and Video team together. You’ll be so glad you did.

Happy planning!