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Holiday Gift Ideas for an Engaged Friend or Couple

By Kristin Joseph, Sales and Online Media |

As we discussed in our last blog, thousands of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day every year. Here are some thoughtful holiday gift ideas for any of your friends or family members who are planning a wedding.

1) Money

There’s no dancing around it – putting on a wedding is incredibly expensive. If you can spare some cash for the happy couple, then gift it with a little note like: “Please add to the [rehearsal dinner/bachelor party/wedding/honeymoon] fund!

2) Spa Treatments

Most people who have not gone through the process of planning an event as big and important as a wedding cannot truly relate to the stress and tension that it brings. Take my word for it! Treat your engaged friends to a massage, facial, or mani/pedi — they’ll be less stressed out, and they can possibly use the beautiful nails for their upcoming engagement shoot.

3) Toasting Flutes or Cake Cutting Set (If You Ask Them First)

If the couple doesn’t already have these items, then this could be the perfect present for them. You can be certain that they will get used, and most likely treasured forever! Just please make sure you ask them first so you can get them exactly what they want. Have them engraved for an extra-special touch.

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4) Anything from the Registry

Think about  it – you already know that they want it! And gifting them registry items earlier means you’ll get first choice (read: choose your own price range).

5) Momentos

Getting a picture frame engraved or a nice blanket embroidered with their names and wedding date would be an awesome way to get them excited for their big day. This is something they can keep forever unlike other knickknacks.

6) Craft Store Gift Cards

While crafting your own centerpieces, seating cards, and altar decor is often far cheaper than retail, the supply costs still add up quickly. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnne’s gift cards would be perfect for any DIY bride.


7) Date Night Plans with Accompanying Gift Cards

Remember how we talked about wedding planning being expensive and stressful? Let them relax from the planning for a bit and focus on having fun with each other. After all, it’s always good when the couple still wants to get married by the time the wedding rolls around! A $20 movie theater gift card and $30 dinner voucher will go a long way for any brides and grooms that have a bit of a stretch on their budget (and sanity).

8) Take Care of a Detail

Talk to the someone close to the bride and find out an item she has been wanting but doesn’t have room in the budget for. A bridal accessory like a veil/hairpiece or belt could mean the world to her because she couldn’t justify taking away from other parts of the budget for it. Other ideas: guest book, groom’s cake, programs, or a Photo Booth! Anything you can check off their list for them will be sincerely appreciated.

Happy giving!